Immigrant Boy Journeys to the American Dream

Alain and his father in Cuba
Alain and his Father in Cuba

Some stories need narration. Some stories speak for themselves. The following words don’t just speak for themselves, they yell, they cry out, but in the end they laugh. This is the account of a man who we are proud to say trusted RCM Healthcare Services to help him find not just employment, but a whole new life. His name is Alain, and this is his story:

“I was actually born and raised in Cuba. Life in Cuba for a kid is fun because we don’t know what it means to be oppressed. We ran barefoot and played with mud and took showers in the rain and we saw it as fun, never something we had to do out of necessity.

My family tried to flee Cuba by boat, seven times.

The first six times we were caught by the military. Some people died and some went to jail. I was lucky never to do either. All of our escape attempts were masterminded by my dad. He was already in America and he paid a huge amount of money to get us out of Cuba.


young boys, alain with his younger Uncle in the USA, old photo
Alain with his younger Uncle in the USA

During our final attempt, after nineteen miles the boat ran out of gas and we were stranded at sea for a day or two before another boat picked us up. Oh yeah, we ran out of food too. I brought with me just the clothes I was wearing and toys in my pockets. This seventh escape started with 20 people, however only eleven to twelve people made it to Miami. Many died.

After getting to Mexico we had to cross the U.S. border in a kind of desert and they fed us what I think were school lunches. That was the best food I had ever eaten!

We settled into American life. But as I got older I became unwell. I was never able to afford healthcare and eventually I could barely walk or even see. So I sort of just dealt with it.


One day an RCM employment recruiter reached out to me over the internet. At the time I was making less than $1,000 a month. When the recruiter gave me an offer, I thought this can’t be real, it’s a scam! But I decided to take a risk and signed up with RCM Healthcare Services. I left my Mom and Dad back in Miami and came to work in Honolulu for RCM.

I was 21

Alain and his wife with decorative donuts
Alain and his Wife Today

I’d moved across the nation to be alone in Hawaii. Moved away from friends, family, my favorite spots. But it was worth it. When I arrived in Honolulu, I finally had healthcare. My body made a quick recovery. Working with RCM gives me the opportunity and freedom to also afford the foods I need to sustain my health. I’ve grown so much as a person, most of my problems with social issues have faded, my relationships with my family and friends have never been stronger. I met and married my beautiful wife. That changed my life too. I owe this all to RCM. I will always be indebted to them. I don’t think I’ll ever leave this company. It’s hard to find a place with good pay, good ethics, and that makes me feel important. I’m encouraging my wife now to start working with RCM.


RCM offered me stability. Period. In all things. Financial, health, social. It was scary to just uproot my life but I can say confidently that I am glad and I would do it 1,000 times over.”


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