Health Care Recruitment and Staffing with RCM


Since 1975, RCM has placed experienced candidates who have excellent track records with organizations who need them. RCM has built a strong reputation in the health care industry with our long-standing business partnerships and a long list of satisfied clients.

RCM Health Care Services is under the RCM Technologies umbrella, a publicly traded company, providing recruiters with all the resources of a successful, publicly traded organization. Our select clients receive the attention and hard work of a large team of recruiters for fast and effective search results.

Many of our talented administrative professionals, nurses, physicians, therapists, and specialists meet us at over a hundred industry conferences, chapter meetings, and job fairs each year. By utilizing our hidden talent pool, we match the most qualified health care professionals with hospitals and health systems nationwide. Our streamlined and transparent placement process includes in-depth screening for the skill sets our clients value.

As a contingency firm, our clients pay only when we place a candidate. For our temporary hires, we handle everything from scheduling to payroll.

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Allied and Therapy Staffing
How does RCM solve recruitment problems for employers?

Employers do not need to spend time searching for their own candidates. RCM’s candidates are available, credentialed, and ready for onboarding as our employer’s needs change rapidly with their census’ and staffing needs.

Correctional Healthcare Staffing
Why choose RCM?

Many facilities use staffing services to supplement their own staff. RCM Health Care Services has contracts with many facilities from State prisons to local law enforcements facilities. We manage your staff, including their payroll and shifts. If you have a staffing shortage, we are the reliable choice for your correctional facility.

Foreign Recruitment

Do the candidates speak English?

All of our internationally trained candidates must successfully pass a United States English exam. This exam covers speaking, listening, writing, and comprehension.

How do the educational requirements internationally compare with those in the USA?

Usually internationally trained candidates attend higher educational institutions for several additional years over their USA counterparts. For example, an occupational therapist in the USA will typically graduate with a master’s degree in 5 years, while an OT in India will have 8 years of study.

How do I know that the internationally trained applicant will be competent?

In order to work as an OT, PT, SLP, or RN in the USA, every applicant must take the USA-based certification exam.

Health Information Management
How is RCM different from other health information management recruiters?

At RCM, we provide our clients with the best HIM, CDI and EMR talent available in an expeditious manner to ensure their departments continue to run smoothly with minimal interruption. We pride ourselves on our follow-up and follow through as we meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Physicians and Advanced Practice
Why choose locum tenens for your business?

Medical facilities like the option of staffing locum tenens because they are independent contractors who solve staffing shortages. Facilities are not responsible for malpractice situations and benefits. New businesses hire locum tenens for trial positions and at times hire physicians full-time after their contracts are up.

Non-Clinical Staffing
Why do businesses choose RCM for their staffing solutions?

Medical institutions trust RCM to select experienced non-clinical candidates to help with their business operations. The interview process can become long winded and unsuccessful, which can add unwanted costs. RCM will identify your needs and expectations and select verified candidates to help your business run smoothly.

Nursing Services
Why choose RCM?

We have large contracts with various hospitals and facilities nationwide. Healthcare organizations trust us to handle their staffing and recruitment needs because of our integrity and ability to exceed expectations. Since we are a nationwide company, we have our hand in almost every state. We find and place nurses locally to ensure that each candidate fits your community’s needs. Through our extensive screening process we select the best candidates. We handle all your staffing needs from benefits to salary and paid time off.

Permanent Placement
What advantages do clients gain by using RCM Health Care?

Clients benefit from our extensive and multifaceted search techniques. After receiving a job description, our recruiters and research assistants compile a pool of talented candidates that have been pre-screened to match the Client’s job description and corporate culture. As candidates are vetted for both qualifications, match criteria, and interest level, clients avoid bidding wars with competitors and wasted time with rescinded offers from candidates. Clients also benefit from RCM Health Care’s financial stability and outstanding industry reputation. RCM Health Care is under the RCM Technologies umbrella, providing recruiters with all the resources of a successful, publicly traded organization. Our select clients receive the attention and hard work of a large team of recruiters for fast and effective search results.

What is the best way for a client to get started with RCM?

Interested employers can fill out our simple questionnaire or you can call our permanent placement recruiter, Ann Hindman, directly at: 917-286-5263

School Services
Why choose RCM? 

We have 25 years of experience caring for children in over 35 school districts across the country. Our nurses are JCAHO compliant and are ready to provide health education and care in your schools. We employ a Clinical Supervision Team to oversee all of our school districts and we conduct training and professional continuing education classes on critical subjects such as Asthma, Diabetes, HIPAA, FERPA and more.  We believe our ability to manage staffing operations of various school districts is tremendous and exemplifies a clear advantage over our competitors.

Travel Nursing and Allied
What makes RCM Health Care Services different from other healthcare recruiters?

We truly care about why the Travel nurse desires work outside of his or her home community. This synergy between client needs and traveler goals allows us to send reliable nurses that have the experience and skill set needed to keep the unit running smoothly. Our geograph-ically broad talent pool allows our clients to expand units, meet nurse-patient ratios, and /or cover Leave of Absences while still maintaining patient care and customer service. As travelers continue their relationship with us, we stand by their reliability.