What advantages do candidates gain by using RCM Health Care?
Our candidates benefit from RCM’s team of experienced and skilled career development professionals that have decades of combined experience in the health care recruiting industry. Recruiters guide every qualified candidate through the entire job search process. Services are free to candidates and include resume revamping, career counseling, interview coaching, and assistance in negotiating the best financial offer and benefit package. The RCM team is truly a partner in finding the best career opportunity for each candidate.

How competitive are the salary and benefits packages offered to candidates hired through the RCM placement process?

The salary and benefits package offered to each candidate depends on the position and company they are hired into. Generally speaking, our clients are major players in the health care industry and offer some of the most competitive salaries available, as well as comprehensive and substantial benefits packages. We work with each candidate on salary and benefits negotiation to help ensure that our candidates remain happy, long-term employees with our clients.