Will RCM help with the process?

The RCM team will be with you every step of the way. By using our experience, knowledge, resources and dedication, you will have an easy time getting through to the USA.

How does RCM provide a family away from home?

We pride ourselves on being a big family. The RCM team is more than just recruiters. We are friends, helping our valued health care professionals find a new apartment, contact their landlord, and even locate social groups in the area.

Do USA health care jobs with RCM offer salary and benefits packages?

RCM offers a rates, benefits and PTO based on the years of U.S. experience. The rates are fixed and the same for everyone domestic and international.

Do international health care professionals pay anything to travel to the USA?
RCM will never charge our candidates a fee for recruitment. We coordinate and pay for each part of the relocation. This includes all necessary visas, attorney fees, state licenses, flight, family processing documents, and first two months of housing.
Can my spouse/children accompany me to the USA?
Your immediate family will be given dependent visas and will have the opportunity to live here in the USA. We suggest that you have your family arrive in the USA approximately 2 months after you. This will give you time to adjust and train. Your spouse will also be eligible for work authorization approximately 18 months from the time that you arrive.
How long is my contract with RCM?
Your contract with RCM is for 3 years. After your contract is complete, you will be given the option to remain part of the RCM family, or to seek other employment.
What setting will I work in?
We have needs in all positions from pediatrics to hospitals and geriatrics. You will be placed in the position or a combination of positions that fits your needs.
Why should I sign up with RCM as a student?
Sign up today and have the security of a guaranteed job when you graduate. We place candidates in the New York metropolitan area with great pay and benefits. Start today so we can start your visa process early and you will be ready to make an exciting transition by the time you graduate. RCM’s contract is only active with regards to your obligations when you successfully pass the NBCOT examination.