Frequently Asked Questions

How does RCM solve recruitment problems for employers?
Employers do not need to spend time searching for their own candidates. RCM’s candidates are available, credentialed, and ready for onboarding as our employer’s needs change rapidly with their census’ and staffing needs.

How does the RCM experience differ from contacting hospitals and health systems directly?
RCM’s exclusive relationships mean that our recruiters may be your only way into a desired health system. Our recruiters help candidates see the bigger picture as well, matching candidates to positions that fit their lifestyle, commuter preferences, and long-term career goals. Our relationships with our valued health care professionals continue, even after their current contract ends.
How does RCM’s outstanding reputation affect the job search process?

RCM’s 40+ years in the industry have connected us with the best facilities nationwide, and we provide exclusive association to them for all of our potential job candidates.